Our clients value us for our expertise in Strategic, Creative and Communication Thinking – Skills that are as relevant to brewing and building as they are to food, pharmacy and phones.

The challenges we relish are found across all sectors. We believe that sound thinking applies anywhere and everywhere.

We are defined by what we do not where we do it.

Turning big ideas into reality in International Development
Fresh thinking in the world of asthma and COPD
Innovative thinking and customer perspective to a flat panel world
Marvellous Medical magic
Leadership Training - from graduate to senior directors
Training to build retail skills of the future
Transforming communications in the communications industry
Creating connected leaders to transform retail
Strategic Storytelling for the Talent Team
Innovative thinking and digital transformation for better homes
Strategy and Insight to build a better builders merchant
Leadership training, and the hakka
Invigorating a Pharma giant with disruptive thinking
Turning brilliant ideas into viable products, via magnificent MVPs
Incisive marketing strategy in precision engineering
Team building with 42 countries at the International Sales Seminar
Pathfinding our way to propositions
Bright ideas for customer service
Making customer priority a core strategy
Designing an HR strategy for a value retailer
Revolutionary strategic thinking in the utilities industry
Bats, balls, and brilliant ideas to grow the game
Creative thinking... and snacks
Thinking round corners for pipes