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It's not down on any map. True Places never are

True Place is inspired by these words from Herman Melville. They define why we exist and drive what we do.

We believe the greatest success comes from owning unique space, doing things, your way.

Driven by the curse of best practice, many organisations see what works for others, and copy.

But copying others means you can only ever be second.

Instead we help you find your True Place. The place for you, not someone else. The solution to your problem, not someone else’s. Your ideas, not someone else’s.


The True Place Manifesto


Don’t just think it, do it.
We have so little time – we should fill every minute.
There’s nothing better than the adrenaline of urgency.
When you’ve got something, when it excites you…
make it happen.

Stand for something and then stand up for it.
It’s a point of principle – if you have a point,
make it your principle.

Listen hard.
Observe with a keen eye.
The world is busy with brilliance but
it’s often hidden away


When it comes to creativity anyone can play.
Burn your straitjacket, don a romper suit
and disrupt like a child

Seek out inspiration.
To be enthralling, we must continue to be enthralled.
Once you’ve identified the buzz, fuel it and feed off it.

Be fleet of foot.
Take the rhythm of the present
but tap dance your way into the future


Don’t apologise for who you are. Celebrate it.
It’s an old one but it’s a fact – in order to get others
to love you, you have to love yourself first.

And when you know who you are,
be forever true to the essence.
Protect it like fury.
You’re never going to get the ones who don’t buy you.
Don’t try.
Don’t be them.
Be you.
Be true.